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A world of meaning was in the sound. “And how is the Reverend Black?” “Your timeline’s off, Liz. The state police aren’t buying it, and neither am I. The girl is squirrelly
with details, which makes me think she’s lying, too. You’re missing an hour. You emptied your
“If we’re finished…”
“We’re not.” Dyer leaned back in his chair, unhappy. “I called your father.”
“Ah.” A world of meaning was in the sound. “And how is the Reverend Black?”
“He says the cracks in you are so deep God’s own light can’t find the bottom.”
May 16, 2018 2:04 PM
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I read that line with the same kind of meaning that NealC expressed.  It is a metaphor that is often used among religious (or at least Christian) people about God´s light exposing/healing sin and unworthiness.  The context implies that Reverend Black feels she is sinful/ beyond the possibility of redemption/repair. It also implies Reverend Black´s hypocrisy, because that type of thinking is contrary to Christian teachings about God´s power and that people should not judge others. 
May 18, 2018

C'mon shl you can do better than that

Her father the reverend thinks Liz has some serious problems.

The cracks are problems, flaws in her character, weaknesses, that sort of thing.

Her cracks are so deep, her weaknesses and flaws go all the way to the center of her being.  They aren't just skin deep, they are BIG!

So deep even the light of God (Gods power, love, forgiveness) can't even get to the bottom of her flaws.

It isn't a common idiom, it is just writing

May 18, 2018
Is there a question here somewhere?
May 17, 2018
Oh.  I think Dyer did it :-)
May 18, 2018
Dan that is a good guess, but in the book it really is her dad.  They don't get along
May 18, 2018
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