How do you increase your vocabulary? I want to increase my vocabulary.

There is no end to the work, so I hope there is another way I can stick and enjoy learning instead of using a vocabulary notebook.

If you know another way, please tell me how you increase your vocabulary.

May 17, 2018 9:52 AM
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I read a lot using a Kindle in which I can easily look up the words I do not know.  I highlight the words I looked up and review them a few days later and a few weeks later.  (You can do this same thing without a Kindle  if you use the free Readlang extension for Chrome and read things on the Internet.)  I only read things I enjoy reading.  I tend to read things around a theme to help get more repetition of particular types of words-- for example reading a few crime-related novels to gain vocabulary about law and forensics.

I also use movies.  I watch them on my computer, starting with subtitles in my target language so I can pause the movie and look up the new vocabulary in it.  Later I watch it again without subtitles to reinforce the vocabulary.  (Because I have easy access to native speaker teachers, with the movies I enjoy the most, I also go back through them another time with a teacher.  I share my screen, turn off the audio, and using the subtitles in my own language I try to tell them what is happening and what the characters are saying-- trying to think in my target language instead of translating literally the subtitles.)  

May 17, 2018
In order to retain (remember) something, we need to create a meaning that is we need to process this in our brains so that it makes sense. One way to do it is to make sentences with the newly learned words and phrases. You could also create stories with them if you enjoy writing.
May 17, 2018
How i increased my vocabulary as a child, I bought an electronic dictionary, which had games that make you do mental gymnastics  such as hangman, jumbled up words etc. You can up the difficulty to get more advanced words to figure out. And even discover their meaning as well. That's one efficient of way of raking up a ton of words in your arsenal. 
May 17, 2018
Tracing back to the original reason for learning new words, you should not consider these words as single stringent tasks but should take them as a whole with more context to consolidate vocabulary learning, which indicates you ought to use these learned words in speaking and writing. 
May 22, 2018
read a lot.
May 18, 2018
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