What is your opinion about women who do heavy jobs? All over the world, women are considered emotionally, ready to cry and screaming and weaker than men physically. Yesterday my colleagues and I were in a garden for a party and we needed to make a fire. My friend and I made it but it wasn’t easy and we were so tired. One of my colleagues came close to us and said” it seems we always need a man!” I often hear this kind of words. When a women has a flatted tire on road or a something need repair around home. They aren’t heavy jobs or activities at all. But most women don’t interest in doing something like them.
I watched some documentaries and TV shows about women who break this kind of stereotypes and step beyond of old beliefs for example women as firefighter or astronaut, driver of trucks and mining vehicles and I admire them. Today’s women start a new trend. They make a lot of efforts to prove they could be excellent managers for example try to be a president or a politician. It is great but personally I hate other new trend. When surf the internet, instagram, magazines or watch movies and TV series, you can easily catch that most women and girls have strong passion to be perfect in appearance and put on latest fashions. The make-up, plastic surgery, fashion clothes are so important for women.
In my opinion, I don’t like women who are so sensitive and touchy. I admire girls and women who can handle pretty hard activities in a normal daily life. E.g fix a clogged sink, make fire, pruning trees, do gardening, climb trees, fix a flatter tire and so on.
Thanks to read my text. Please leave your comments.
And thanks for correct my mistakes.

May 17, 2018 11:28 AM
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I provide food, shelter, entertainment, and support my family monetarily and emotionally. My woman takes care of the home and the family. I know some people think this sort of arrangement is unfair, but that's how we've chosen to live our lives, so I hope they will at least tolerate it, maybe even respect it. I would gladly pay for plumbers, electricians, etc when there is a problem with the house, but if my woman wants to do that too, it would be great!

Outside of my life, I have no right or desire to judge how women behave. If she isn't hurting me, I don't care if she is more "girly" or wants to perform hard chores. High fashion model or prize fighter - she can do anything and behave any way she wants. I love this world and hope we can all avoid being judgemental. 

May 20, 2018
I feel exactly the same way! The gender roles society has ascribed to both men and women are archaic and horrible, and I feel like every step we take toward moving beyond them is great.

In addition to this, the fixation on looking and being perfect that many people seem to have today is very unhealthy. To an extent, caring about your body and appearance and having an interest in fashion can be good, but at a certain point it becomes more harmful than helpful.

May 20, 2018
Indeed, there is no need to be perfect in appearance, or to do plastic/cosmetic surgery in order to appear better or different than you are, Natalya. There is far too much pressure on young people these days.
May 20, 2018
no man likes weak and touchy woman like u said . its real that even men like women who are independent and can handle stuffs by themselves... soo
May 20, 2018