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                        At the farm



A:Are these your friends,Cindy?

B:Yes,they are Jorn and Mike.

A:Nice to meet you,boys!

C.D:Nice to meet you,too.

C:Look,there is a farmer,can we go there?

A: of course,let's go!

A:Hi,Jack,these are my friends.

E:Hi,nice to meet you,guys!

B.C.D:Nice to meet you,too,Jack!

D:What are these?

E:They are carrots.

B:But they are purple!

E:Yes,they are good,we can make some for lunch!

A.B.C.D:Good idea!

A:Jack,come with us!

E:But I have to work.

A:Don't worry,let's go!


D:Are these yellow tomatoes?

A:Yes,they are.

E:Try some,they are yum.

B.C:So sweet!

A.D:Yum,yum,yes !

C:Look at the horses,they are cool!

D:How many horses do you have?


B:I like horses.

C:Oh,are they goats?

E:Ha ha!No,they are sheep.

B:How cute!

D:Let me count,one,two,three…Oh,I feel sleepy!

A:We can go to the lake,there are many ducks.


C:Wow,so many ducks.

A:Yes,I have sixty seven ducks.

E:Oh,it's 11:45.

A.B.C.D:It's time for lunch!

B:We can eat carrots!

C:And tomatoes!

D:And green beans.

A:And potatoes!

E:And rice,too!


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