Looking for you!

<font style="background-color: yellow;">Why do I look for you? </font>

To complete some questionnaire!

<font style="background-color: yellow;">Whom I looking for?</font>

People are native in English. It is okay whether you come from US or UK.

<font style="background-color: yellow;">What can you get from that?</font>

I think, it is the way to know more Chinese friends and China, even better a little help when you  come to China. The most important things, you will earn 20 RMB. The way to pay you  depends on the way you access to.

Don't be hesitant and come and join us.

Thanks !

<font style="background-color: yellow;">Caroline </font>

<font style="background-color: yellow;">email address:[email protected]</font><font style="background-color: yellow;">

<font style="background-color: yellow;"></font>

May 18, 2018 2:41 AM