Language learning + university + job

As we all know studying at university is very time consuming and can cause high pressure.
But do you think it's possible to study and to learn a language at the same time, while having a part-time job too? How do you manage that?

May 18, 2018 12:41 PM
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I agree with you. Studying and practicing learning a language while also having a job can seem overwhelming. However, if you're passionate about it, and willing to set aside time to learn, then it is doable. Once can say, "Oh, I don't have time to study because I have to work and then I'm tired and go to bed." the same is often said about going to the gym and working out, however, if you really care about learning a new language then you will find time to fit it into your busy schedule. Even if its waking up thirty minutes early and practicing, or reading while eating a meal, or an hour before bed, there is always time to fit it in if you're serious about it.

I manage it by waking up 30 minutes earlier before work, and reading aloud or studying new vocabulary. During lunch break, I will review what I studied in the morning. In the evening, I try to spend a little time before bed memorizing new words or phrases. Even when you think you're busy with something, you can always fit in language learning or practicing. Taking a shower for example, while washing your hair you can review key words or sentences.

May 18, 2018
If you make use of small pockets of time, you can get a lot of work done.

I couldn't do it well when I was a university student.I think it's because I was a perfectionist and I tended to paint myself into a corner.

May 18, 2018