Difference between love and adoration. Do you agree? I wondered what is the difference between love and adoration, and which is more important to them? Because as native Japanese, it's not easy to recognize it perfectly.

And I found one article. Do you agree this ?

May 18, 2018 11:41 PM
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I had not really thought about this because the differentiation I usually hear about is between ¨love¨ and ¨infatuation.¨ 

I am wondering if there are cultural differences which makes this a real issue for you, or if we are using the ¨adoration¨ in a slightly different way.  Here is the Wiki on the concept of ¨adoration.¨  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adoration

What is often talked about among people where I am from is ¨is it love?¨ or is it ¨only infatuation?¨ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infatuation

So tell me a little more about your thoughts on the difference between love, adoration, and infatuation.  After reading these, does the word ¨adoration¨ still best describe what you are trying to differentiate?  

For me, adoration is not really a problem and I don´t need to spend a lot of time contemplating if someone is mistaking it for love.  However, infatuation can lead to a lot of confusion and it is pretty common to see people dive into commitments too early when infatuated and not really having a sound basis in love.  

May 19, 2018

"I love my wife/husband" = "I feel really strong affection for her/him."

"I adore my wife/husband" = "I almost worship or venerate her/him as a divine being" (from Latin adoro, "to reverence, honor, adore, worship the gods or objects of nature regarded as gods" [Lewis and Short s.v. adoro III.A.]).

"I am infatuated with my wife/husband" = "my attraction to her/him is obsessive, perhaps embarrassing, maybe not entirely healthy" (from Latin infatuo, "to make a fool of, to infatuate" [Lewis and Short s.v. infatuo II.]).

May 19, 2018
I see that adoration has a deeper meaning and could express more the powerful kind of love. I think it means literally and linguistically ( I extremely love )
May 20, 2018

 Rebecca and SHL.

Now I think I understand these words in general. And I can feel these words and expressions better in the sentences or conversations. If you and somebody can add any further explanations, I'm also welcome. Anyways, thank you for all! :)



May 20, 2018
The general distinctions between love and adoration above are generally correct, adoration to me suggesting more of a sort of feeling of veneration or worship. Love, unfortunately, in English, has become a somewhat diluted verb that often carries little meaning. You can love your teacher, your dog, your cat, your parrot, your wife, or chocolate in English. All these can be used with the same word, love, but unfortunately the obvious distinctions in meaning in these cases isn’t clear. The same problem occurs with “adore”. It would sound odd to me to hear someone say he adored his dog or cat, not grammatically incorrect, just a bit exaggerated, but it would sound fine to say one adored one’s wife. But, again, I’ve heard people also say they adored chocolate so the same problem is still there. 
May 20, 2018
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