David Bec
Curios questions

Have you ever thought about these things:

How many years a person should live? I read about and the oldest person was 122 years old.

Can you imagine when our dear sun consume all his fuel and cannnot give us its light anymore?

how would be your life if you were born in other country/part of the planet? maybe you might be a Jewish, Arabic, Mexican,Chinese, korean person...

What about if you were an animal, what woul you like to be?

Do you think our grandson or great-grandson will live on Mars?

Would you have liked to live centuries before? Like the time of the Great Alexander, Socrates, Ghandi, Michael Jackson...

and if you were really lucky as in Aladdin tale, what three wishes would you ask for?

May 19, 2018 1:00 AM
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You only need one wish. Wish that all of your wishes will come true! ;-)
May 19, 2018