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He looked small in the dimness beyond the bunk, his eyes dull yellow, his face so dark and seamed it was hard to tell where the old
man ended and blackness began.

“He speaks,” Adrian said.
The old man blinked as if to say, These things happen.

Adrian closed his eyes, too, then turned his back and wrapped his fingers around metal bars so warm they seemed to sweat. He never knew if Eli would speak or not, if the yellow eyes would open or blink or stay closed so long the old man faded into the dimness. Even now, the only noise in the cell was Adrian’s breath and the sound his fingers made as they twisted, slick and wet, on the metal.
This was his last day inside, and dawn was gathering beyond the bars. Between there and the place he stood, the hall stretched gray and empty; and Adrian wondered if the world outside would feel just as blank.

can anyone help me with the highlighted parts?

May 20, 2018 6:24 AM