Should children use the internet as early as possible
Should children use the internet as early as possible
With rapidly Internet development,more and more people has access to contact with internet.It bring convinence to our life. However,everything has two sides.there are some bad aspects.The children's use of  Internet is a big problom.

In recent years,A lot of people are discussing a question:should children use the internet as early as possible .Actually,I think the answer is no.On the one hand,children is too young to control themselves.It is too easier for them to addict into the Internet world.We often see some news that children are addicted to game.So it is too dangerous for child to contact internet.On the other hand,childhood is the most precious time in our whole life. During this period,our world view,the outlook of life and values are gradually  formed.But,Internet is full of all kind of information which include bad message or good message.Child have no judgement to make good choice.Besides,as we all know,children need go out and get in touch with nature not stay at home.In order to give a bright future,Child don't have to  contact with Internet as early as possible.
May 20, 2018 8:03 AM
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Mark, yep.
People in some (depressed) Russian towns drank a lot in 70s/80s/90s, and I really hoped that the Internet will change this.

My idea was that, people do that partly out of boredom. Not many other cool hobbies/careers. Not many great exmaples of 'cool things' to do provided by people around. The Internet lets you have this all and is a window to the bigger world.
Be that gaming, porn, langauges or string theory - it is better when a teenager is addcited to this than to vodka.
May 20, 2018

As early as possible sounds a bit eager, but I'd say as early as they're interested. There's a lot of amazing resources online from educational games to videos, but also just entertainment.

There is a real danger of getting addicted to things like videogames (although as addictions go, there much worse things outside to get addicted to). But I feel like shielding children from things doesn't take the danger away - it just leaves them unprepared when they finally outgrow your protection.

I feel like we treat playing outside as a kind of utopian ideal because that's what our parents and maybe we did. The opening post even says "as we all know". Well, I don't know. Why is outside better than Kahn academy?

May 20, 2018

Blink, but what if a child finds in the Internet something better than what he has from adults around?

You speak as if outside the Internet children only had 'good' examples.

May 20, 2018
Great. I also agree though there are two sides of each and every matter. Internet now a days no doubt helps a lot to children in every field whether it is education or else. But excess use and rely on internet  for  each n every thing doing a great loss to mental health also.
May 20, 2018

I konw the Internet benifit us a lot in our daily life and there are many good aspect about it.However,as a college student,I can not control myself either.I konw there are some good message which can enrich myself.But I can not help watchingthings that no nutritious.And a problem can not ignord.The advertisement.Just like china,advertising is spotty and the system is not reasonable.We can't choose what we need .

Finally,“as early as possible ” this is the point.

The Childhood is the beginning of life.And it the most significiant period which will influence their future deeply.

we should not allow  kids  percieve the world through Internet.

We know the good influence about Internet,BUT we all know the bad effect which is so unfathomable and dangerous.

May 21, 2018
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