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Is that possible to understand some other dialects if a foreign student understand Chinese Mandarin very well? I think if you know Chinese Mandarin very well , you also can understand most of Beijing dialect (北京话)and Northeast dialect(东北话),but around 20% of them are still different  from Mandarin . I also think Tianjin dialect(天津话). is an easy understood dialect. Maybe as a foreigner , if your Chinese mandarin is perfect  , you can understand 50-60% of Tianjin dialect . 
May 20, 2018 2:11 PM
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No matter what, I guess fluent Chinese speakers at least can see if locals are speaking Mandarin. 
May 22, 2018
Hello Danny . I guess it is because you have lived in 福州 for a few years . I don't think I can understand Fuzhou dialect . 
May 20, 2018
I could understand some parts of Fuzhou dialect 抚州话, but not a great deal. I think some words are similar to the Mandarin, but most a very different. I know many of the non-Fuzhou visitors (Chinese and foreign) could not understand the dialect very well.
May 20, 2018