My lovely Grandmother The person who has taught me the most about life is my grandmother . My parents did a lot of traveling when i was younger so i spent most of my school holidays with her. She was more than just a grandmother to me and when she died a few years ago i felt I'd lost a really good friend .

She always looked really good for her age. She had wavy grey hair and a big round face . She was always smiling . She was such a considerate person . She knew how much i missed my parents so she did everything she could to make me feel at home. She was also really imaginative and spent hours telling me stories that she had made up . I'm sure it was because of her that i became a great writer.

But as well as keeping a young boy entertained , she taught me so many important things. I was very impatient when i was a child and she taught me that good things happened if you could wait for them. She was such a positive person and she also taught me how to look for the good in everything .

<em>- Think of a person who has taught you something important . This is a golden opportunity to express yourself in English . </em>

May 21, 2018 2:19 PM
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I also had an awesome grandma.   She was such a positive person for me as a child.    I don't have any negative memories of her actually.   She was a very active person- doing yoga and belly dancing and dying her hair blue.  Every single day she would swim at her health club.  She would dance with my brother when I played the piano.  Just writing this now brings back such great memories for me. One of the happiest moments in my life is when I was a kid and I told her and my grandpa that I would hit a home run in my evening baseball game for their wedding anniversary and later that night I did. My grandparents were so happy and we all felt so alive!   yeah!  I enjoyed reading your post about your grandmother.  This is what's been missing from the italki discussion forum - an "awesome grandma" thread!  Thank you.

May 21, 2018