tiffany sun
some thinking sharing When we are facing the challenge or to overcome the difficults,even when we are in the deep in life,it is a choice for us 5o turn over a new leaf,the attitude is essential to our opinion and behavior.If I wear a ragged jacket ,I would be confident to show the clothes as good as new.I think that I am unique and even I am under the poor condition ,I still can show off myself .Someone might ask that ,how can you be confident and never give up when facing the challenge ?I only can tell you that the knowledge,skills and experience affect your mind , and your heart will feel rich and substantial ,just like the new blood of an organization.A new broom sweeps clean ,to clean up our flotsam and jetsam ,and be a new one . To break new ground ,you never know what will be happened .Life is a whole new ballgame which excited and mystery.Now , I'm still a young girl , as the new kid on the block , about the article's structure , vocabulary might not use accurately, I wonder that using my stupid writing could tell readers the opinion of mine . In more, be patient , you can't teach an old dog new tricks .To be calm up and relax . Don't let yourself stay in the edge . :)
May 22, 2018 9:57 AM