Do you like football? The world Cup will be held in Russia this year. Is anyone going to attend this event?
May 22, 2018 7:01 PM
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Visit? Our government kindly asked a local people to leave the city on this time. It is not started even yet, and we already feel tired from all of it..I hope it won't be like in Brazil last time. I like football, но не до такой степени. ..
May 22, 2018

Vilen, in first place, congratulations by your initiative. Well, i´m brazilian and i love soccer. The world cup have aspects economics and politics and we need to know this. In Brazil, we stayed with various problems after the end her. But, by the magical side, it´s amazing and historic your country to receive the world for the biggest soccer event.

I wish you good luck for the russian people and i hope a good participation the brazilian team. We will go to search for the sixth championship. 

hugs for all

May 25, 2018
Hello! yes, I will take part as a volunteer in Rostov-on-Don! And I am happy that I got a chance to be part of this event)
May 25, 2018
Vilen, I also think that World Cup 2018 will be fantastic. I've ever watched 4 World Cups, and my ranking is:
1 2014
2 2006
3 2002
4 2010

May 23, 2018
Hi, I am from Russia and The World Cup in football is in our city for 2 days. Many people want to see this cup and do foto with it. 
May 25, 2018
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