Paranormal Incidents!

Have you ever experienced a paranormal incident in your life? Please share your "real" incidents. I shall look forward to reading them all.

My own personal incident involves getting slapped in the face as a child, when no one was in the room. I woke up early morning around 6 am and was pretty thirsty. I called out to my mother, who was in the kitchen and I still remember it vividly, nobody was in the room at that time and i got slapped across the face pretty hard. I was left rather confused, although my natural instinct reaction should have been to feel terrified, but i did not. I still to this day, ponder upon that incident. I hope that ghost doesn't read my discussion and slap me again for exposing his mischievous activities. 

May 23, 2018 1:47 AM
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I used to be a Buddhist that was not so faithful but, 6 years ago I had a very vivid dream. I saw Jesus there and after that I became a Christian.
May 23, 2018
It's a really long story. Even though I had a vivid dream a part of me didn't want to be a Christian because my family and friends would not give me a positive reaction.  I had a very different image of the spiritual world than Christianity, but before I was a Christian I frequently woke up at night with my arms and legs paralyzed. 
I would open my eyes and I could see the ceiling but I couldn't move myself and I felt like someone was holding me. When I try hard to move I could for a while but after a while I got  paralyzed again.
When I told my friends they told me it is not a spiritual thing but it happens when you are tired or stressed out. But after I saw Jesus in my dream when I got  paralyzed in night, and called Jesus, I would be able to move again. After these kinds of experiences and many other experiences and learning about the bible let me able to be converted.
May 23, 2018
Thank you Alvaro, for sharing your story. It definitely is kind of eerie. Is your friend's grandpa a friendly spirit or a mean one? I highly doubt he might be mean. Still i kinda raise my eyebrows at your unconventional exit from the house. Was there no door available nearby? 
May 23, 2018

     A friend of mine told me a story involving one of his roommates at college.  As strange as this story sounds, there are a fair number of stories just like this.  In fact, there is a book that deals with this topic.

     This guy had not spoken with his friend for some time.  Out of the blue, he got a phone call from a number he did  not recognize, but it turned out to be a call from this friend whom he had not spoken with for a while.  He had a fairly typical conversation, talking about how things had been going for each of them.  He also recorded the conversation on his phone.

     A few days later, this guy wanted to call his friend back for some reason.  The number wasn't working that he tried.  He called the family of his friend to ask for the number.  The family told this guy, "I'm sorry.  Haven't you heard?  Your friend died several weeks ago."

     So it turns out that this guy was having a telephone conversation with a dead person, and he actually recorded the conversation that he had.

So what do you think?  Can the dead communicate with the living?  Can they use the telephone if they really want to?

May 24, 2018

It was after while my grandmother passed away. My mother had dream of her while sleeping. Grandma said that she left some money in her house in the dream. So my brother and I cleaned her house, looking for it. But we couldn't find it and laughed, "It was just a dream. Grandma was making fun of us. She liked joking." 

A few days later, My mother had dream again that Grandma said, "I left some money in the pocket of my brown   coat in the closet."  Then we found it in the pocket! Thank you, Grandma!

May 23, 2018
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