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how to handle a long distance relationship? (to keep the relationship strong) - everyone is welcome to share their opinion =)
Mar 21, 2008 7:43 PM
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Trust each other.
Be faithful.
Be honest.
Enjoy the time "together" (phone, Skype) talking about things that won't start
"a fight" or a big trouble.
Be honest to yourself: are the long distance relationship and the feeling you feel for being away from your love too heavy? It's supposed to be a bless, not a burden.
But you have to be sure that it's love. And that is not easy at all. =)

January 11, 2013
well i think love is unique and in the relationship doesn`t exist rules
May 1, 2008
ı was looking for someone to talk for improving English when I saw this meaningful topic. How can u maintain a long life relation? I think everyone can answer this question but everyone couldnt apply the rules adviced from someone. In this case, personal properties are very important. Anyway, hoping to be in a long distance relation.
April 26, 2008
Hmmm,trust....This is what I have been pursuing for quite some time.It seems difficult for me to have some...Oh my. Huhu.I have come up with another good idea---instead of trying hard to maintain a long-distant relationship,is there any other possibilities to prevent it happening?ha. The world is becoming smaller,yet it seems true that people are getting farther and farther from each other. For most people,to stay right besides is the ultimate way to nurish the love.What we always trying,is to find ways.Find a way to someone's heart,find a way to someone's home,find a way to form a family and stay still from then on. Good good luck.She will sense your love and take good care of it.
March 24, 2008
Mm,TRUST.This is what I have been looking for for quite some time.It is.I do agree that the faith on the other part is indispensable.But I do not have it,from the beginning to the end.Hence,something is gone.Someone is gone. Hmmmm,I have come up with another good idea----instead of trying hard to maintain the long-distant relationship,why not do something to prevent it happening?ha.
March 24, 2008
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