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What is fairganic coffee

I tried to look up the word "fairganic" on dictionary, I even tried urbandictionary but to no avail

I am going to guess that the meaning of fairganic refers to products that are sold in a fair manner, which doesn't involve the exploitation of workers..

Any thoughts?

May 23, 2018 9:59 PM
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My guess is that someone coined the term to mean a product that is both ¨fair trade¨ and ¨organic.¨
May 23, 2018
I suspect that it's a portmanteau of "fair trade"  (sourced from coffee growers who are paid fair prices for the beans) and "organic".
May 23, 2018

It seems it is FAIR-TRADE and organic. I found this article:


Paying people a fair wage for their product. It doesn’t sound revolutionary. But for decades the consensus was that the market should decide the price. For some people and businesses, though, that’s now changing. If you empower people in their homelands, the thinking goes, they’ll be less likely to look to emigrate elsewhere looking for work that pays a livable wage. That will lead to stronger countries and more stability in everything from society to protecting the environment. Dubbed a social contract between the developed and undeveloped world, the fair-trade concept has taken off in Europe. The idea is now catching on in the U.S., with more products carrying the ‘Fair Trade Certified’ label. One such place locally is Tidal Creek Co-Op, which offers a variety of these products. As well, Port City Java has been offering fair-trade coffee for five years. Chief Operating Officer Don Reynolds says the company has even taken the concept a step further, making sure its fair-trade coffee is also grown organically – dubbing it ‘Fairganic.’ While more expensive than regular coffee, Reynolds said the fair-trade coffees are profitable and popular with a wide selection of customers, not just the typical environmental types. “We’ve always operated with the community in mind, so we want what’s good for us to be good for the community as well,” he says. “This is just one more way to allow us to do that.”

May 24, 2018

Do you mean "fairtrade"?

May 23, 2018
I drink coffee too much. It's my favorite drink. I live in Brazil, this country produces a lot of coffee. But, I've never heard about fairganic coffee.
May 24, 2018