What is the difference betweeen success and succeed? Are they both same meaning? How should I use them in a sentence?
May 24, 2018 8:49 AM
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Hi Maureen :)

'success' is the noun

'succeed' is the verb

eg Maureen really wants to succeed in her job

eg Maureen has a lot of success in her job 

May 24, 2018

I will add to this great explanation that success is more subjective.

We can suceed at a particular task and measure this result.

"To have success" is more open to interpretation.

To me , that is the difference.

May 24, 2018


Edward is right, but there's more to it.

Another important tense of "succeed" exists that can be defined as:

a. to come next after another in office or position or in possession of an estate; especially : to inherit sovereignty, rank, or title
b : to follow after another in order

For example:

1.   Who will succeed Donald Trump as president of the United States?

2. Donald Trump succeeded Barack Obama as president of the United States.

Also, looking at the word "succeed" from the tense mentioned in the above posts -- you could say the following:

Maureen had great success in her English class.

Maureen succeeded in passing her English exam.

May 25, 2018
Thanks Edward and Chris for the explanations! 
May 25, 2018