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The title says it all

I am very interested in learning Norwegian but the problem is that I can't find a language academy in my country that has courses on this language. I have also looked for sites where they provide everything from alphabets, vocabulary to basic grammar but couldn't find any. 

I know there are teachers on this site who help beginners but I want this to be my very last option. I want to at least have a decent level in the language before contacting any teacher.

Do you know any good site to start with? and if you have another suggestion, please leave a comment.

May 24, 2018 11:16 AM
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Congratulations on wanting to learn Norwegian!  I like this course made by NTNU. ;   

I encourage you to find many language partners and start practice Norwegian conversation right away. Preferably native speakers, but advanced speakers are also a good choice. It's faster to ask a native speaker and get an answer right away than to search the web. This way you will also get used to different dialects, speaking pace, vocabularies and also can apply what you have learned in real life conversations. And most importantly you get instant feedback on your grammar, intonation, word choice and so on. 

Here is a super quick lesson, good luck!

"Jeg heter N." (My name is/ I'm called N.)
Written vs spoken form:  Jeg heter N. - Jei heeter N. > g is silent > Bokmål is not a spoken form 
Basic structure:  Subject (Jeg) + verb (heter) + object / I, you, me, she, he + action word + object 
Verb conjugation: heter > - er in present tense >. Å hete - (to be called) - heter (present tense) 
Pronounciation: heter > heeter, because it's single consonant. Apply this rule for words like vin (wine), vinn (to win). 

May 24, 2018
-Pimsleur norwegian (audicourse)

-Teach yourself norwegian

-FSI (audiocourse) but it's a little boring (but works. I prefer pimsleur)

May 24, 2018
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