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Internet love. Is it real thing or just a joke? Hi everybody! some people use internet for searching for friends, another for learning new language, the other - for looking for their soulmate. I wonder is it real thing or just most of the people on special sites waste their and other people's time and have fun only?!  Do you know any examples, when people have really found each other and had something more, something serious..? Any storied are welcome!  I'll be very gla to know your poin of view) Thanks for advance
Jun 10, 2008 3:57 PM
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I think love never be successful by the net.the two sisdes find it interesting at the begining but when they move on on the relationship,they find that they ren't suitable for each other then break up.or sometimes they be shoked when they meet.May be also they just lie and lie to each other.Then what will happend?I don't support love by the net. Friendship,learning and seeking information or culture r so good but for love no! 
August 2, 2008
Love by Internet?  I have made myself the same question last days.  It seems like we are looking for our soul mate wherever we can find him or her (including me).  I confess I did not believe in these kind of things until I felt a conection, however, we see a screen or a picture not a face neither a personality.  It is about honesty? absolutely, and maybe a little about destiny. I have for sure that there are many lonely hearts in everywhere.  But be careful, nice words may hurt. 
June 28, 2008
it seems most of u wont choose internet love here, such rational. yup, if u have this purpose, u have prepared well to accept any result out of ur expectations. for me, like to make frids thru chat, even like this, it wont be lastin' for long time, lol, may the most movable place is online```
June 17, 2008
I think you can try find love through internet but sometimes it changes your thinking. Two of my friends have made relationships through internet but it usually not lasts long, because they make parallel relationships with other people searching for best one. And at the end it turns out in some kind of addiction when you cannot stop dating new and new persons hoping that next one will be better. Of course, i do not think it happens with all people.
June 13, 2008
i donot believe in love through net.for me i hope to find real friends only.i hope to find at least one friend that i trust in,can talk with him freely,share our good,hard times,reilive our pains,support each other,i want friendship last for ever .
June 12, 2008
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