Becky Moreno
Unusual Food/s From Around the World What foods are very popular in your country, but typically not liked by foreigners?  In the US, we eat a lot of sugar, and I have had people tell me that they don't like our bread because it is too sweet!
May 25, 2018 3:05 AM
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I like a very strange cheese made of goat cheese and herbs called Schabzieger. It’s green, hard and smells very intensely. My Swiss German grandfather used to eat it. When I spent a year in the States as an exchange student, I missed sometimes the food I was used to eat in Europe. One day I discovered in a supermarket some Schabzieger, it wasn’t my favorite cheese at that time but it reminded me of home so I bought it. My American host family refused to even try a bit. I ate a big portion. I wasn’t allowed to put my dishes in the dishwasher since they were afraid that the smell would contaminate all the dishes.

I think that Schabzieger and many other strong cheeses may not suit everybody.

In China I ate something weird: jellyfish in tomato sauce. The jellyfish didn’t have any taste, it felt like eating plastic. I really hate living jellyfish who sting with their poison in the sea. I was glad to take a revenge.

May 25, 2018
In in Iran people eat rice everyday and rice is the reason that most of Iranian are fat!
May 25, 2018
I´m from Dominican Republic and there the most popular food are rice, beans and meat, doesn´t matter what kind of meat. Also we like green plantain, salami and eggs, sometime we like cheese too. My country is so amazing and our culture is  awesome.
May 25, 2018

In Kuwait people eat pretty much all parts of the lamb. My favourite parts are the liver and the bone marrow.

We also have desert truffles. You can go to the desert and pick them out yourself. Although they’re hard to find.

May 26, 2018

@Aliph  That really made me laugh!  I hate jellyfish, too.

@Truman Overby - who doesn't like gravy?!  

I think Scottish haggis is probably pretty devisive.  I haven't eaten a real one for years because I'm a vegetarian (the veggie one is delicious) but there's something about intestines and stomach that doesn't appeal to most people, strangely!

May 25, 2018
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