Ezzat Yaseen
The forbidden love
I posted this topic for two reasons, the first one because I would like to thank the people whom corrected my notebooks of three parts under the title of "The forbidden love" the second one for people whom are interested in reading novels or movies scripts

Adore, the movie started with a lovely soundtrack and the voice of two happy teens girls running along a sea beach.The scene was repeated with the same girls when they had grown up.They sat on the sand look at the sea and enjoy the sound of the waves.Then they went back to their respective houses after they had spent the daytime on their beloved beach.Their houses were built on the highlands near the sea.Both of them have got a male child.
Over the years ,They took their children with them to the beach.The children became men . One of those women got divorced, and the other woman had such a monotonous relationship  with her husband.One of those boys fell in love with his friend's mother, who was older than him by over twenty years. One night he told her about his love and he found out that she had been in love with him too. She couldn't resist him and she asked him to keep it secret from his mother and from her son. After a long period  of their affair, She became unable to live with her guilt and she decided to tell her friend about the affair despite knowing that it might destroy their friendship and she might lose her forever.They were more than sisters. When she had told her, the other woman was stunned, speechless and she couldn't say a word.

Then they sat for a while , she said you know ,I am relieved now, I have feelings for your son too and I think he feels the same. What came over us? who could imagine that? they used to be our sons.They talked about that for hours, until they finally decided to stop .A week after their decision had been made and after they had a dinner, one of them couldn't ignore her strong feelings.These feelings prevented her from stopping to  see her lover.
Once again she returned to live in a crazy life without giving any attention to what would happen if her friend knew that she had blown their promise to stop that craziness.The other woman even went so far by her feelings to the stage that she asked her lover to move in with her.

The relationships between the two couples have lasted for over a year. One of the women was talking to her lover about what would happen to their realationship as the time passed by. She told him that the age gap between them would had been a crucial point, which could change his feelings towards her. He answered her by saying "let's enjoy the moment, l love you, you make me happy, I don't want to think about anything else". She smiled at his face and wished that the time had stopped. The other woman was living in a fantasy world, she chose to be the young lovely teen with her handsom lover

May 27, 2018 7:53 PM