Kate Whitely
When to find language conversation partners. I want to have conversation exchanges with people in the various languages I am learning. That is my goal. However, I am not sure how well I need to speak a language before asking for a language partner. Has anyone tried to find a language exchange partner, only to find out you were totally lost? Or the person you were trying to talk to was lost? How did you handle it? I am about to try a few conversations with Spanish speaking members, but am not sure I am at a high enough level yet.
May 28, 2018 2:50 AM
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Bueno, recuerdo que es, "no estoy listo" para "ready", y "no soy listo" es para "smart" :) Aprendi el Español en la escuela, y hay muchas personas que hablan Español en mi ciudad. Pero, aqui, estoy buscando alguien de hablar Italiano conmigo. Buena suerte en sus lecciones. Que vaya bien
May 29, 2018

In my case, only one of my exchanges was a bit a failiure because my partner didn't have enough level in Spanish to understand me, and I had to repeat every sentence in order to be understood.

I think if you are able to have a class with a teacher speaking your target language the most of the time, probably you can do it now with a partner.

May 29, 2018

Hi Kate,

You have the advantage of being a native English speaker. As you're uncertain of your Spanish level, you may benefit from connecting with language partners who are at a high level in English as well as in Spanish (native).

You should be able to find several people somehow connected to teaching or academic careers, who are preparing for their English exams and would be interested in practising their English with you. In turn they would likely put on their teacher's hat for a moment and get down to talking basic Spanish with you, guiding you along the way.

May 29, 2018
Gracias por sus respuestas. No soy lista entonces.
May 29, 2018