Tony Marsh
Professional Teacher
The Language Matrix Principles

The Language Matrix is based on 3 Principles:

1. Language is a matrix.

All sentences can be formed by mixing and matching building blocks from a small set of vocabulary.
2. Verbs are the "seeds" of sentences.

I am...
I have...
I like...

Are you...?
Do you have...?
Do you like...?
3. You learn a language by expressing thoughts and communicating in the language.

The same way you

-learn to ride a bike by riding a bike
-learn to dance salsa by dancing salsa
-learn to play tennis by playing tennis.
The Language Matrix blends these three principles into a simple experience which we think is the closest thing to an authentic language learning experience.

More importantly, we want to make language learning a do-it-yourself process by making people more effective language learners.

We realize that no at-home program is a substitute for real-life human experience. The ultimate goal is to bring people together by facilitating conversation through this language learning concept.

The Language Matrix concept works in all languages.

May 28, 2018 4:47 AM