(a) 重点的施策

For the improvement of financial proportions, I think it's necessary to divert our objectives regarding the university's budgetary allocations as well. As for the management strategies of a university which is a leadership in education, one of the strategies must be aiming for essential investments in education, and research implementation by acquiring funds from external sources. In order to aim for the improvement of financial affairs, while increasing external funds and a strategic budgetary allocation to the education and research expenses may be necessary, but since there's no remarkable improvement to be seen in the research expenses' ratio etc. in a short period of time, in addition to ensuring a source of internal funds and increasing the acquisition of external funds, it is crucial to invest in a continuing education and research activities.

Critical institutional measures and improvement of financial situation
(a) Critical institutional measures
Expenses for acceleration of the University's reformation (0000 YEN) ※ NEW
Necessary expenses for responding swift and aggressively to a new initiative like the reorganization of the education and research system and strengthening of the university's functions.
Expenses for servicing education and research environments (0000 YEN)

May 28, 2018 10:26 AM