Junyi Song
What's your daily language exercise/practice?(foreign language/first language all welcome)

Language needs to practice everyday,what a platitude.

It makes me wondering how's everyone's daily routine or to-do list on language learning?What areas you would be especially focus with and how do you think about your plan?

I go first.My daily exercise includes:

Shadow-reading few articles from news,textbooks or speeches in the morning,20~30 mins;talking to my English-speaking local friends in college;finishing some textbook exercise around one half hour during the day time,mainly focus on grammar ,language and vocabulary analysis.

After having my dinner,I normally writes a paragraph with a topic random chosen,time limit for 30 mins. Reading some pages of English book or others before bedtime.

I think my plan is going well but a bit lacking on practicing speaking skills.Would put some time on,e.g.,topic-related speaking later.

May 28, 2018 10:26 AM
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Watching documentaries, listening to Ted talks, reading novels are very helpful for me and also what I recommend to do my students.
May 28, 2018