What are the EVIL animals in your culture?
Last night an owl sung on a tree near our home. We had slept but I heard the owl’s song. I couldn’t sleep until it was singing. In the morning, when we were eating breakfast I talked about it and my mum told: I heard too. She was worry and upset because she believes the birds know about the future and if the owl sings in the night, it is a bad sign. something bad maybe happens. I dont belive this kind of superstitions although I hear some superstitions about animals. For example, in my hometown people believe if the crow sings on your yard or wall, it means you will have guest. If you see a black cat, it causes bad luck for you and etc.
Is owl or black cat evil animal in your culture?
What animals would be bring fortune or misfortune?
Please leave your comments.
Please a native English speaker corrects my mistakes.
Thanks in advance

May 28, 2018 3:04 PM