Simplified as easily as possible what's the difference in uses of "Вот" аnd "Здесь"?
May 28, 2018 5:04 PM
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Здесь - in the place where you are

Вот - used to bring someone's attention to something/someone

I hope this helps

May 28, 2018
Silvestre, 'вот' is a finger-pointing pronoun:)

I mean, I ask "where's my ...?" and you point at it and say: 'вот!' or 'вот она' (or 'вон!' if it is far enough).
I ask you "where is London?" while looking at a map, and then you point at London and say 'вот здесь'.
It is almost an interjection.

May 28, 2018

"For example:  "- Где твой телефон?"

pulls out of pocket "- Вот мой телефон!" or "- Здесь мой телефон!""

I would use only 'вот' when pointing at the phone.
I would use only 'здесь' when pointing at the pocket.

May 28, 2018

If the object is  small, as a phone, document may to say Вот as well as Здесь .

For example:  "- Где твой телефон?"

pulls out of pocket "- Вот мой телефон!" or "- Здесь мой телефон!"

If the object is big, for example a train or building,  "Вот" may be used at pointing on this object. " -Где наш поезд? - Вот он идет, вдалеке." But if the train is near may be to say likewise "Здесь". "-Где наш поезд? - Здесь, на платформе"

May be to say also, when both of this words used together - "Где вход на вокзал? - Вот, здесь" and point finger on the door

Здесь alwaus used to description events in specific place. "Здесь в годы войны проходила линия обороны"

On the teacher's question at the roll call  "Иванов?"  the answer may be only "Здесь", "Вот" here is do not use

May 28, 2018

вот моя школа *pointing at right*, а здесь я играл в песочнице *pointing left*
'This is my school, and here I played in a sandbox'

You can say both:

вот моя школа  and
здесь моя школа.

'My school' is self-sufficient in a sense. You could just point at it and say: 'my school'. Or say: 'Look, my school'. Or "this is my school".
Вот indicates pointing with a word, and it can substitute "это" (this is..). But also you can say 'здесь': 'here is my school'

But you can't say "вот I played in sandbox". "look, I played in a sandbox" doesn't seem to make much sense:)
Only "здесь я играл" makes sense.

May 28, 2018
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