what you usually do in your leisure time ? I usually read books or magazines in my leisure time.I love to read a lot of books and I wish i could read all the famous books in the world so that i can learn about the unknown things. Sometimes i go out for hiking or play during my free period and pass time with my friends outdoor.The game with a total length of 90 minutes-Football- is my favorite and i'm a striker. I spend memorable family times with great joys too, especially in the occasion. Though i'm single, i spent a lot of time in social media like as facebook,skype,whatsapp,imo. I used to chat with friends and family, unknown stranger and make a good relation with them. I had some foreign friends whom with i met in here-italki- and we have a good relation in social media. Music is my favorite and there's music playing in my room all the time with a sound bit. Writing Diary is my childhood hobby, i wrote all my daily activities there including joys and sufferings and more often i read them, I don't know either it is a good idea to store my emotional memories in diary, sometimes it make me happy and sometimes make me sad. After all this stuff, i feel that life is really beautiful with a lot of enjoyable leisure time. 
May 30, 2018 3:44 AM