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Before I die I want to ... Have you heard about this project?


More than 400 "Before I Die" have been created in 60 countries and in 25 languages.
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Do you like the idea? Why/Why not?

What do you personally would like

to do?


May 31, 2018 12:17 AM
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It seems quite interesting to know if there is a tendency due to countries, gender or age.

The answer to the question can be the same for younger people "what is your dream" or "what would you do if you would win a lotto".

If someone got seriously ill or injured and stayed in a hospital for a long time, then this question will come straight to the heart.

What is important in the last minutes of the life can change after such the experience.

After my illness, "now" becomes much more important. Only what we do "now" can change our future.  I did not want to regret what I have not done later. I want to make people around me laugh/smile/happy in my last minutes, then there is nothing to regret.

May 31, 2018
Yes, I like the idea. It's a way to allow people to express themselves and have more beautiful walls in our cities. I would like to keep learning and dreaming.
May 31, 2018

May 31, 2018

Thank you, Cesar

Guyomar, thank you:) I’m melting. If you need any help with Russian, it would be my great pleasure to assist you. 

Sachito, thank you for sharing. I do hope your ilness has gone forever. 

May 31, 2018