How to start What is the first step to learn German?  
I'm a beginner and want to improve in a short time 
Can anyone HELP? 
Thanks in advance 
Jun 1, 2018 9:50 AM
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Hallo Nermin, try to watch
June 1, 2018

Think like Yoda you must to word order correctly guess. ;)

Seriously though, I think you should find a good textbook, exercises and related audio to get started. Either with explanations in your own language (Arabic), or written in such manner that you don't need to go through an intermediary language like English. There should be several books directed to immigrants that would fit your purpose.

If you're already in Germany, you may want to also start thinking of your daily routines: what do you need to say or understand in each scenario, and practice as much as you can to be able to handle those situations.

June 4, 2018

Hi Nermin,

welcome to the German Community!

1. Take a lot of self-adhesive slips of paper.

2.  Write on each piece the expression of an object in your flat (like carpet, table and so on).

3. Attach the  slip of paper on the object.

4. Each time you pass that object you see the piece of paper and you read the German expression for it. For example: you see a cupboard and read: “Schrank.”

4. You find the pronunciation of the words online (<a href=""></a>;

And repeat and repeat and repeat…. Enjoy it.

Try it. How does it work?
June 4, 2018
Get the pronunciation of the letters down. W= v, v = f, that sort of thing
June 2, 2018
Or watch Easy German on youtube
June 2, 2018
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