Money doesn't buy happiness but it helps. What is the thing you want most that money can’t buy?
Jun 1, 2018 9:59 AM
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Here’s a truism: Money doesn’t buy happiness, but poverty surely buys lots and LOTS of unhappiness, think about that. 
June 5, 2018

all of the my dreams and wishes need money.

if i had money my dreams come true definitely.

June 2, 2018
It is true that money can't buy our hapiness, our love, our time... So I totally prefer all those feelings instead of all the money in the world. I'd like to have all war finished. And not only that but the injustice, the sexism, the poverty, the corruption... and those all stuff that anyone deserves.  
June 2, 2018

Something that money can't buy, but that I would like is success in my chosen career (not necessarily for the money because that can be gained in any job, but for the respect and the feeling of doing something that I think helps the world in some way and that makes me feel good to do).

I don't mention things like health because I think that largely can be afforded with more money, and good relationships because I already have great relationships with family, my significant other and friends....and my friendships and family relationships would be even better if I could see them all more often but they all live in different parts of the world and, therefore, more money would help me see them more often... :)

June 2, 2018
Money cannot buy you good parents who may give you a good family.  
June 2, 2018
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