Nguyen The Vu
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Exclusive Vietnamese language and culture
Dear greatest language learners,
Have you ever thought that learning a language relates so much with understanding the culture of the language? In my opinion, if you want to achieve some good level in learning a language, you also need to understand about its culture also. I have been an online Vietnamese instructor for many years and I love this work so much. I love to share knowledge about Vietnamese culture and language with people around the world. These days I have decided to make a series of videos about Vietnamese daily life culture. In the videos, I will interview some local Vietnamese. So when you watch the videos, you can also understand about Vietnamese culture and also, you can practice listening and reading some Vietnamese. I wish through this activity, you would understand more about Vietnamese and we could have a lesson here soon.
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Best wishes,

Nguyen The Vu
Jun 1, 2018 4:09 PM
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I really like this idea. It will gives me a lot of inspiration in learning the vietnamese language. Learning a language is more than learning just words. I also believe the culture is very attched to the language. So the more i understand the culture the more i understand the language. It goes hand in hand. I really like the idea of following the daily life of the vietnamese people. it will give me more the authentic feeling of experiencing being in vietnam, even though i learn through internet. i will more be able to imagine and picture how the natives of vietnam live their daily life. Thanks to internet and technology it opens up a lot of possibilites to learn vietnamese in many ways. 
June 3, 2018