What are the most prevalent illnesses in your country? Unfortunately the illness is a part of human’s life and it affects quality of life. My parents are diabetic. My mam has for more than 30 years and it affects whole of his body, fingers, feet, eyes, heart. actually whole of my aunts and uncles, youth and adult are diabetic. It is a common illness in Iran beside of blood pressure and high cholesterol. Terrible habits in diet and lack of enough physical activity are the main reasons. Race, bread, potatoes, red meat, noodles, unhealthy oil and sweet sodas are main foods for Iranian and we consume salt two or three or more times more than health standards.
My mother is involved in her illness in every moment and actually she doesn’t enjoy her life. When I see her it is a main concern for me and I try to do exercise regularly and I follow a healthy diet, no fast food, no fried foods, no sweet drinks, no candy… . I use to this habit.
Except diabetes, the rate of M.S and cancers are high in Iran. The experts say air and water pollutions are main reasons for MS disease.
What are the most prevalent diseases in your country?

Jun 1, 2018 4:36 PM
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Cardiovascular disease such as heart disease is never absent in the listing of top 10 death causes in Australia. Skin cancer is also a  terrible disease that scared many of locals.  
June 1, 2018