Learning new English vocabulary

Get an account on (it's free). Sign in to, click on "Lists" on the menu bar. Then click on the green button labeled, "Start a new list." Then copy up to 100 pages of text that you will be reading into the box for input. will then give you a list of vocabulary words that it extracts from your reading text. Mark the box for each word you do not know and wish to learn. Then use to study the meanings of these words. You will get a definition and a paragraph or so about how to use the study word. Now, you can read your text without having to stop and look up words so often.

I tried this with an article from The Atlantic Magazine and came up with a number of words that I was not totally sure about that I could study further. I am a native speaker, a college graduate, and someone who reads a lot.

Jun 2, 2018 2:51 AM
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Hi Stan. Thank you for this advice about learning new English vocabulary.
June 14, 2018