Hello everyone! Looking for a language exchange partner!

Hi everyone!

I am new to this website and my name's cherry (don't laugh at me i know it is not a formal english name and i keep it to honour my english teacher). I am now in Sydney and I am looking for a parter to enhance my pronunciation and reading skills. 

I am a native Chinese speaker since I was born in the north part of China so my Putonghua is quite standard without accents. Also I am a huge fun of classical Chinese literature (like reading "red mansion" for over five times) and I still read Chinese books a lot even now I am away from China bookstores -- thanks to kindle and online reading apps. 

I am a mum and I am teaching Chinese to my kids as well-- it is such a beautiful language and I hope they can still read poets from Li Qingzhao and books from Jin Yong when they get older. They create different magical worlds far different from where the wizards live in Harry Potter!

We can read books together - Chinese for you and English for me so we could learn and improve together!

It is gonna be fun!




Jun 2, 2018 1:33 PM