italki Language Challenge July 2018 - are you going to do it? I could do it, but the prize is now, get this, a profile badge. I kid you not. It used to be money back, then it degenerated to T-shirts, and now finally something that costs italki absolutely nothing. Profile badges. Sweet.
Jun 3, 2018 2:48 AM
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Haven't heard about any challenge. Guess I'll look for details.
As for the issue, I agree with Yvona, money can't be the only reason to learn harder (the challenge is about learning, isn't it?)
Btw, I see you're learning Russian. Contact me, if you're looking for more people to practise it with.
June 3, 2018

Yes, with nothing they'll get a lot. But budges look so sweet on my profil! (just kidding...).

Should they be the only purpose to take part in it?  NO, I won't take part in the next one in July. 

June 3, 2018
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