Is the polygamy accepted in your culture? Polygamy is the practice of marrying multiple spouses at the same time) Wikipedia(.
I know in some Asian countries particularly in Middle East, the polygamy is usual and the men have right to add wife when they want. The four wives is the maximum. In my country it is not usual and the women never accept another woman in their life but it is not illegal. The law gives right to have second wife by the permission and agreement of the first wife. If a man marries with another wife secretly, the first wife can complain against her husband and what is the punishment I don’t know.
Although polygamy is legal in Iran, it is rare because some reason. At first the very high cost of living. Second the Iranian women never accept another woman and a world war will be the result. I knew just a rich man who had 4 wives in the four corners of Iran and finally he died very soon in the middle of fighting.
I like to know is it usual in the other continent like Africa and South America? Which countries?
And is the multi husbands accepted somewhere?

Jun 3, 2018 5:38 PM