Tales from the UK

So I wake up and Bobby knocks on door. 

"Oi! Open up you in the name of Sharia Law and show me your Sleeping License!"

I fumble for my license and finally find it, saying "S-sorry good sir, it's right here. God save the Queen"

Bobby peers in and catches a glimpse of me Telly

"Halt! Where's your TV license for that?"

So I draw my TV license from me wallet.

Bobby gives a look like the bloody Queen's dodger. "Oi mate! Where's your permit for this license?"

I show him my license permit.

Him: "This license permit is expired! I'm taking you in!"

Bobby draws his toy gun and I shank him with my unregistered butter knife.

Jun 3, 2018 6:46 PM
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Big thumbs-down.
June 3, 2018
Right.... good story.... almost looks like English  :)
June 3, 2018
Lol :)
June 3, 2018
I'm confused... why the thumbs down... isn't this just a silly little story.
Am I missing the point (assuming there is a point)?
June 3, 2018