Time Wasting People arround :/
Some people here message that, i am willing to practice english, when ask for the reason, they replied i love to learn new language or meet new people bla bla, and they have no time for practice, when i message someone for practice they replied i am busy right now, text you later on and never reply again, The genuine reason is that they are not interested actually, please leave the platform and do something else,
ill mannered and time wasting people.
Jun 3, 2018 11:04 PM
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I suppose less than 10% of language learners can eventually reach up to a basic level and only 5 % of language learners may express the target language well with high proficiency. 

Therefore, never waste your precious time on seeking language partners to learn or practice instead I would recommend you use more time on constant practice in reading, listening, speaking and listening on your own schedule. Otherwise you may take into account attending the language school to learn a language with more efficiency.
June 3, 2018