Describe the best English teacher you have ever had in your life

I believe most of us have been learning English since elementary school. Some of the English teachers are good, some of them just average, and some of them just work for money. So, who is the teacher that you still remember today?

The best English teacher I have ever had is Mr.Wigen. Although he taught my class for only 3 months, but we learned a lot of him. He is a Sikhs, a minority ethnic group in India. However he doesn't have typical Indian accent. He has neutral accent. 

We had fun in his lessons. He always use the fun way to teach us English. Sometimes he shared with us about some overseas experiences he had, when he was studying in U.K. and U.S. He respects all students and he knows the common problem that most Asian students have, and he taught us how to overcome it. I didn't remember much from his lesson, but the most memorable lesson was he was trying to teach us the pronunciation /th/ because it is not common in our language. We learned to put our tongue between our teeth to start the sound. It was difficult but it was very fun. I still remember the time when he shakes his head when we made some silly mistakes. His hopeless facial expression makes our class laugh so hard. 

I think he is no longer in Hong Kong, because he travels to different countries to teach different people. I hope that I will see him in future. 

So, it is your turn. Who is your favourite English teacher and what does he do? :-)

Jun 4, 2018 3:04 AM
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The best English teacher that i had was my school's principal. His name was Simon Dillema (RIP). While i accredit him vaguely with my English skills, as my English is largely self-taught. He was the only teacher who ever believed in me that i would account for something in my life. So for that reason alone, he happens to be my favorite teacher and coincidentally happens to be an English teacher as well. 
June 4, 2018
Umm I can't tell who is the best one but I have met many great teachers during my English learning journey. Those teachers are not only excellent in teaching English but they also have great personalities.  
June 4, 2018
The games were the best English teachers that I had.
June 4, 2018
 Welcome back)))
June 4, 2018

I'm one the worst English teachers ever. Would be kind of useful to find out what's the thing that turns an average teacher into the best one.

So I'm all ears.

June 4, 2018