What do you keep in mind when meeting foreign friends?

We know it’s possible to build a good relationship with foreign people who have different backgrounds.

Can you give me any tips from your experience?

Jun 4, 2018 11:14 AM
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I think to stay well with someone depends not on background. It is like to find friends at your's country: to be careful to a person's needs first, to keep boardes, to be curious about personality of your new friend and his or her interests first and trying to fins something to share, to joke in a kind and polite way.
June 4, 2018

Hi Daichi, I think the same rules apply to when you meet any new friends, not just foreign friends:

- be friendly

- be a good listener

- have good/consistent communication with one another

- try to learn about the person you've just met or you're meeting

- share your experiences and stories with them, try to relate yourself to the person if possible 

- respect their cultures and beliefs 

- be natural

And if none of the above works, then have a little alcohol for Dutch courage or to lighten things up. Then perhaps, both parties would open up to one another. You then might be on your way to building a good relationship. I hope this helps.

June 4, 2018
Thank you for your advice.I completely agree with you.

I remember my friend who lived at the same college dormitory.He is from Switzerland and when he came to Japan for the first time, he couldn't speak Japanese at all.However, he didn't stop until he mastered it and he kept trying again and again.And he is realy kind and friendly, so he made many Japanese friends who are not only as language exchange partners but as true friends.At last, he met soul mate in Japan, and I attended his wedding ceremony last year.

1.Never give up 

2.Be Kind and friendly

I think the above two points are also important to build a good relationship with any friends, not just foreign friends.

June 4, 2018