Sol Evangelina
I create a YOUTUBE CHANNEL to help you learn SPANISH through ENGLISH... Comments your questions right here! I have a new Youtube Channel and I wanna upload videos speaking spanish with subtitles or speaking english answering questions that you ask me in the comments about spanish or Argentina or whatever ... I need support of you! This is the link of my channel  , I was born in Argentina and I still living there, I guess this could be help the people ... I'm thinking I can do later to video about common mistakes that the people from USA have trying speak in Spanish. I do not have so much time to record a video and edit it so be patient I guess I'll upload it to little bit latter ...
Jun 4, 2018 9:25 PM
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This sounds like a great idea. A concern I run into when learning Spanish is the great variety. Argentinian Spanish is known for being very different than others. How do other Spanish learners get around this?
June 5, 2018
i need help being able to understand what people are saying so the subtitles would really help me
June 4, 2018
Subscribe to my channel!!!!
June 4, 2018