How was the most extreme weather condition that you experienced? A hot summer begins.  At noon until afternoon it is very hot and the city and streets are completely quiet. All people prefer to stay at home to survive. However it is not an extremely hot weather, it is exhausting.
One month later a real hellish summer start and the news report the temperature in the south of Iran is incredible. How the people in the south of Iran survive in this condition!! The 50 degrees Celsius and sometimes more is regular for south of Iran. The native people get use to this condition but non-native never can stay there. I remember some years ago we were in a southern city in spring and I felt I am really cooking. i had been dying.
Last winter wasn’t cold and the most of the days were sunny. But I heard news reported the extremely freezing conditions in some countries or cities. For example I remember, in a country, all the small animals freeze like taxidermy in the forest! Or the -30 C in Canada is unbelievable for me!
Luckily the air condition of my city in winter and summer is bearable but if I have to choose extreme weather, I chose hot. I think I can better endure hot rather than cold.
Have you ever been in 50 C?  or -30?

Jun 5, 2018 12:04 PM
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I live in the middle part of Russia and here was snowing few days ago ) 

In winer here could be -30 or -35 degrees, it's not normal temperature, but sometimes it happens.

June 5, 2018

Melika, I am the opposite, I cannot sleep hot.  We barely heat the house in the winter, and I have air conditioning in the summer.

If you are in good shape and have some climbing experience Everest is attainable in the summer if you use supplemental oxygen.  About one in four who try Everest make the summit.  The others are turned back by the unpredictable weather usually.  But other mountains are more technically difficult, like K2.

June 5, 2018

Yes. I’m from Kuwait, which is believed to have had the highest recorded temperature on Earth. It’s actually not uncommon for the temperature to go up to 50 degrees in the summer. We don’t even have a winter anymore due to global warming. Our “winter” this year was basically a couple of weeks of cold winds, around 10 degrees or so.

I agree with Dya, though. The humidity is what makes the heat unbearable. Desert air is often dry and manageable, but it gets very humid near the shore and you can barely walk for a couple of minutes before feeling like you’re suffocating.

We also have sandstorms around springtime. They can be extreme. The entire sky turns orange, and sometimes even becomes dark as if it’s midnight even when it’s the middle of the day. Just a couple of weeks ago, we had a sandstorm followed by rain and I had to drive with my car windows and mirrors covered in mud. It was really scary.

I’ve also been in extreme cold weather in Montreal, Canada. I think it was around -25 degrees. And I’ve experienced a hurricane in Florida, USA.

June 5, 2018

I'm from the midwest of the U.S. Just a few years ago we experienced -50F during the winter (-45C). Every summer, there are points that reach 110F (43C) on the worst days. The swing between hot and cold throughout the year is hard on the road pavement. It can buckle from shrinkage and expansion. 

What is said though is that it's not so much the heat but the humidity. Dry heat, to a certain point of course, is easier to handle than humid heat. Humidity can almost take your breath away. Likewise with a bitter and windy freeze. 

I've experienced 2 tornadoes. One was when I was a child. We got under blankets, which helped when the windows were blown out. The second destroyed half the little town I was in. We watched for a minute and then took shelter. It's an ominus sight. 

June 5, 2018

"Have you ever been in 50 C?  or -30?"

I was.

1. I was 2 times in the Kara-Kum desert in May (this is not the hottest time there). The temperature during the day was 50 degrees Celsius, and it's in the shade, but there was no shadow. We were on a travel tour with backpacks. We carried water with us - from water source to source we had to walk for 3-5 days.

2. Well, and -30 we have in Kiev almost every winter, and none of the animals die from freezing, probably they are used to ... :)

3. But the most severe sensations from a frost at me were at not such strong frost. In 1991 in the summer I had a climbing to Elbrus (5416 m). Below in the valley (about 1000 m above sea level) there was a temperature of +30, and at the top - about -20 degrees, but the wind was just hurricane and the mountain was all shrouded in an icy mist ... It was so cold that on top we could not even make a photo - ran up and immediately ran down ...

June 5, 2018
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