"I wish you would have said..."?
A: I know this apology is overdue, but I want to say that I'm sorry for being so rude to you last week.
B: Thank you, but I wish you'd said something earlier.

This is from someone's test or textbook. I find "you had said" makes sense to me, all right, but I see lots of  "I wish you would have said something" on Google. Is the 'would' to cushion the word? Would you say that in the above context, too? 
Jun 5, 2018 2:39 PM
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Thank you, Su.Ki :)
June 5, 2018

"I wish you'd said something"/ "I wish you had said something"  =  correct, standard English

"I wish you would have said something" = incorrect, non-standard English - but very common

June 5, 2018