please someone check my grammar My favourite movie is two states . It's about Krish and Anannya . Krish was a Punjabi boy from Delhi and Annaya was south indian beautiful girl from Chennai . They both went to IIM Ahmedabad for MBA and one day while sharing lunch they become friends. They spent two years together and deeply fall in love with each other but never shared their feelings officially.. after two years they both wanted to have best job in best companies . . They went for the interview but Krish wasn't able to concentrate on his interview cause Anannya was on his head all the time .. so he desided to propose her . And he did it at the middle of her interview ..and she said yes.
           To take their relationship in a new label they wanted to make their parents meet with each other.but it didn't worked well cause they both didn't like eachother and they r different states . their everything is different .
Anannya wanted the both families to be happy in the marriage so they desided to impress each other's family.
KRISH west to Chennai , started to give Anannya's brother IIT tution . Helped her father with some office work and also gave her mother an opportunity to perform on stage .and finally Krish proposed 4 of them with a golden ring to marry him .. they were impressed by him .
Now it was Anannya's turn to impress his family. She went to Delhi and attached a marriage function with krishes family and there she saved the marriage from braking and became a hero for their family. 
On Other side Krish Never had a good relationship with his father. And it was time to meet both the they all went for a vacation. But they had some conflict and as a result they broke up . 
Both were not happy with the thing . Krishe's father noticed the thing and secretly went to Chennai to visit Anannya's family .. she apologized for conflict and everything. And spent a whole day with Anannya's family.
They very next day Anannya called Krish and they patchup .. finally everyone was happy .they got married and now they have two kids.
Jun 5, 2018 9:08 PM