What's your favourite music festival? Where is it ? And kind of music do u love?
Jun 5, 2018 11:02 PM
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This year i've watched Loolapaloosa for the first time. And it's absolutely great! The spirit of rock youth and freedom. Fascinating)
June 6, 2018
Coachella, wow. I envy you, so much. I saw Maceo Plex set, that was awesome. I live in Europe so it's to far but i will go to Ultra Miami meybe in next year. Resiatance stage is great and that spider, if u know what i mean :D u can look on exit fesfival, time warp and mayday dortmund
June 6, 2018
Rock in Rio is the best for me.
June 5, 2018

I absolutely love Coachella in California and I love Ultra in South Korea.

I am an individual that enjoys various types of music honestly. How about yourself? 



June 5, 2018