Are you optimistic about future of the world?
The drought and the decrease of rain and water supply in Iran lead to water crisis and this year is worse than past years. There is no enough water for drinking and this problem is a big worry for Iranian. Every day we talk about water and what will be happen in near future. Last winter was without rain. Can you believe? The driest winter in past 60 years!!
Beside drought air pollution and the dust are other disasters. The climate change’s effect on Middle East is drought and dust storm. I was reading the newspaper today. A report concerns me more and more. I was hopeful everything changes to better in future but the statistics and estimates say No it is going to worsen. It makes me upset. What will be happen? We have no water right now.
Do you see the sign of climate change in your region? do you worry?
Do you think it is going to worsen and worsen?

Jun 6, 2018 8:13 AM
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Yes, I'm optimistic for futur ,becaus exist a god (allah) who runs the world 
Do'nt afraid 
June 6, 2018

Hi Melika

We often say this in sympathy or as a standard response, but I can truly say I know what you are going through. Just as recently as two to three months ago, our city faced the imminent possibility of running out of potable water. This was a crisis that drew international attention from city officials of many countries who watched to see how it would all play out. I believe they did this to get answers and ideas as to how to prevent or manage a water shortage if faced with a similar situation in the future. The city fathers imposed all manner of water restrictions that got progressively more severe starting from about mid-2017 and still continues to be in place even now, despite the fact that we have started our winter season with some good rainfall figures. Heavy fines were issued to those contravening the 50l per day water limit that was imposed. People were queueing for hours trying to buy bottled water and shops were barely able to supply the ever-increasing demand as "Day Zero", a phrase coined by the City of Cape Town, approached. The good news, for now, is that Day Zero has been pushed back into mid-2019, because of the recent rainfall, but we have been urged to continue with our water saving efforts, as it will take three full "good rainfall seasons" to fully recover. I know That I for one, even though I have always been careful about saving water,  will never look at water the same way again. 

June 6, 2018

Like Matteo, I am optimistic as well, and for similar reasons.  In the 80´s I took a geology class where we were shown studies ¨proving¨ the world would run out of oil in the 90´s.  I do think it is important we focus technological efforts on the environmental problems we have, but I think we are doing so. 

I remember reading a couple of years ago about an advancement in the technology to take the salt out of water for drinking water. If this was the worst year in 60 years, that does not mean that every year is going to get worse.  After the worst year in 60 years of course everyone is going to be very worried-- and hopefully this will motivate leaders to start working on solutions for the long term.  Chances are it is a problem in the short term that will have a solution in the long term. 

In reality, we can not predict the future.  Research shows people cope better if they focus more on the reasons to be optimistic than pessimistic.  For my own coping, I cling to the reasons that suggest we are going to be okay (while also supporting more laws and more money to help our environmental problem.)    

June 6, 2018
I'm optimistic. I remember a prediction forecast in mid nineties. This prediction came from  Us president's economists team. They assert that copper would be spent in less than 50 years. Some years later tecnological progress made possible to extract the mineral in a more efficient way. They underestimate the quantity of copper by a ridicoulous big amount. The change of actitude of people (recycling) is another aspect to be considered. In my opinion the probability that lack of water will be a survival problem is really low.
June 6, 2018

is there any future for this world?, i don´t think so. We´re destroying our natural resources, contaminiting the sea, the human beens around the world are doing many things without taking account the effects, it doesn´t matter if those effects are  extremmely hazardous.

Many gobernaments are participating actively of that destruction, we need to establish very important politics to protect our natural resources, technology it´s very important and all those scientific advances, but the earth it´s the heritage of our children, we should to think more about the future of our  earth and less in our personal interests.

That´s all!

June 6, 2018
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