What book are you currently reading? or What book do you highly recommend?

Hi Everyone!

First off, I hope you're all having a wonderful day!

I am always looking for new books to read. Do you have any favorite books to recommend?

I love getting lost in a book... Does anyone else? :)

Thank you, Thank you.

- Melissa

Jun 6, 2018 12:02 PM
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Maybe, it's too banal for native speakers, still i would highly recommend Uncle Tom's Cabin. This story is so shocking but at the same time so inspiring.

Also i like Patrick Süskind's Perfume. It's a book i couldn't put down.

June 6, 2018
Do Muslim Women Need Saving?  by Lila Abu-Lughod<font color="#000119"></font>
June 9, 2018
John Steinbeck's - "The Pearl"
June 6, 2018
And Then There Were None by Agatha Cristie
June 10, 2018
The Vikings and America. Much of it exposes bogus evidence of Viking settlements in North America. However, now that I've made it near the end it gets a little more factual- plausible evidence in Canada of a Viking settlement ca. 1000 years ago. In all honesty, though, I look forward to finishing this book and moving on to more spiritual topics.
June 10, 2018
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