correct my mistakes please Yesterday my children wanted not to sleep early and I was so tired to stay awake with them. 
I was trying every way to let get them on the bed. after about one hour the got in bed but my toddler daughter was holding the mobile.
she insisted to watch the youtube videos so a started to get  nervous and I shouted on them to sleep and leave the mobile. so she cried, i embraced her and apologized to her. after she got calm down I told them a story and we slept.
Jun 6, 2018 1:16 PM
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The passage is pretty good. There were only minor errors so I wrote down a better version of the errors down below.

You can say that,

"my children didn't want to sleep"

" I was tired to stay up with them"

" After about one hour they

" So I started" 

"shouted at them"

"After she calmed down"

June 6, 2018
Pretty good. Not many errors...just strange ways of using some.
June 6, 2018